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Our Pigs


On this page you will find photos (Coming Soon) and information about them.



Redd is a Broken American Silkie that we fell in love with at the pet store. He began our obsession. He is 3 years old, a Best of Reserve winner at the local county fair (Summit County, Ohio) .

He is currently retired from competition and expecting his second litter. He is currently our main studding boar. His first litter  born resulted in an Grand Champion sow at the 2002 Summit County Fair. 


Amber is a perfect Broken American Red Eyed. She was the Grand Champion at the 2002 Summit County Fair. She is currently expecting her first litter any day now.  Her father Redd is very proud of her and the two run around the cavy room while we clean cages.  Amber's mother, Smolder was placed in a wonderful home where she is currently enjoying her retirement from competition and breeding. 

Amber is being the typical pregnant woman, she keeps us up singing all through the night when she can't sleep.



Angel is a White Crested cavy. She is one of our rescued piggies. She was saved from a home in the recent months.  At the time she came to us she was living in her own waste and eating what ever was given to her.  Here she has been a bit slow to socialize with the other pigs but in the last few weeks she has been doing well. We are hoping that her recent breeding will take because of her sweet temperament and her exquisite markings.  


Bob Biggilsworth

Biggilsworth is our special needs pig. He is a Broken American with some serious brain injuries. He is the equivalent to the dumb football player. (hehe) He even sleeps in a hollowed out football. Even though he is kind of slow Mr. B is our littlest Farrell's favorite piggie and we could never part with him!


Ozzie and Sharon

Ozzie and Sharon are new arrivals to The Farrell Family Caviary. They are White Crested Baldwin Carriers, we are not sure we want to breed Baldwin, but they were rescue piggies that were living in horrible conditions.  We felt that they deserved a better life with us when we were offered them.  They are currently in isolation from the rest of the group until they have gained some weight and are ready to be socialized to our group.  These piggies could be a great addition to any family.  If anyone is interested in them email us!:)  












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