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Basic Care Tips for Cavies


1-       Feeding – Cavies should receive feed twice daily, usually about 1/8 of a cup unless you have a pregnant sow then she should be increased as desired.  Alfalfa cubes and carrots are good to keep teeth trim.  Alfalfa loose, Timothy Hay, celery, kale, cabbage, spinach, apples, and turnip greens may also be given a few times a week.

2-       Bedding – Cavies should not use cedar because of reparatory problems, however, they do nicely with pine or aspen bedding.

3-       Cleaning cages- Clean cages two to three times a week to avoid infections.

4-       Vitamin C – Cavies need extra Vitamin C so one can find vitamin C in the form of yogurt treats or vitamin drops for your cavy’s water.

Grooming – Cavies should be groomed at least once a week and given wheat germ if they start to develop dry skin. Toenails should be trimmed monthly.


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